The Mining Truck Technology Summit in Beijing, China

July 19, 2013:  DHTE Staff were featured as the keynote speakers at The Mining Truck Technology Summit in Beijing, China.

China’s Mining Equipment Magazine provided an information exchange format for government officials, mine owners, leading mining truck manufactures and OEM’s, and key industry insiders.  DHTE was asked to be keynote speakers at this national gathering.  Liangyu (Mike) Huang, Bill Lewis, Allen Cunningham and Suresh Ravanam gave presentations on the history and evolution of the haul truck and mining industry, manufacturing practices to fit today’s market, designing and engineering to optimize current technology and selling to a global market.  Staff members from our China office, including Leon Deng and Teddy Cai,  provided full support and translations for all presentations.

DSC_0012 Group photo

Left to Right: Suresh Ravanam, Allen Cunningham,Liangyu ( Mike) Huang, Bill Lewis, Leon Deng and Teddy Cai