Detroit Heavy Truck Engineering and The DHTE Group: History & People

The DHTE Group LLC is a collection of different companies, each separate and unique.

We are all involved in the mining, off-highway and heavy truck industries, working for various companies, on a global scale.



Founded to specifically develop a new 400 ton ultra-class haul truck for a Chinese manufacturer, DHTE has expanded to design and engineer global products, projects and solutions for vehicles and equipment in both mining and off-highway venues.  We are working with various sized trucks from 90-400 ton, along with other projects with exacting customer requirements.  We offer specialized engineering teams to design, test, analyze, certify, evaluate and manage a wide variety of trucks, off-highway equipment and construction equipment with diesel, AC or mechanical drive.

Our employees are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service.  Our customers are world-class organizations who desire the best available engineering and design assistance to effectively compete in the international marketplace.


Our culturally diverse workforce includes personnel with a wide range of experience in mining equipment, farm equipment and implements, off-highway equipment and vehicles, trucking and automotive, and other mobile vehicle applications.  Our team has global experience.  Each senior member of our engineering team brings decades of knowledge in specialized fields to the table.  Our more junior engineers have top-notch educations, utilize the latest technologies and share a keen interest in creating contemporary designs to meet and exceed global standards.  Our team of innovative designers are renowned for “thinking outside the box” to create new, effective and inventive solutions to challenging situations.

DHTE and/or DHTE Group have fully staffed engineering departments in Novi, MI.  With a wide range of highly skilled, experienced personnel, with various degrees, advanced degrees, certifications and training, we can handle projects with a wide range of scope of work in both size and complexity. Our core team includes members with experience in

  • Design and Engineering: new design, revisions, optimization and improvements
  • Manufacturing and Assembly: assistance, support and evaluations
  • Engineering Management Controls:  including parts numbering, materials management, inventory control and BOM
  • Systems and Subsystem: innovations, procedures, modules and components
  • Manufacturing, Sales and After-Market Support
  • Quality Assurance, Testing, Verification and Certification

We also have a far-reaching team of sub-contracted experts available to assist our companies  in unique, highly-specialized applications on a project-by-project basis.  Keeping a group of high-quality consultants in our arsenal helps keep overhead costs down while allowing us to bring in professional consultants on a short-term basis to meet the needs of individual project specifications and timelines.

Our management team has strong ties to China and we have a global presence with on-going contracts with Chinese Manufacturing facilities.  We are currently negotiating with several international organizations and are intent on becoming a global force  creating solutions to mining and equipment needs on an international scale.

 WE also have a Sales and Marketing Office located in Gillette Wyoming, the pulse of the North American mining industry.  Out contacts and contracts with various dealer networks allow our customers to be fully supported upon installation of truck(s) in the mines.